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Personal Injury

Savannah Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury
At Donaldson & Bell Attorneys at Law, we strive to help our clients by facing legal challenges for them and by using our experience and insight to overcome these legal challenges. Our personal injury law firm has many years of legal experience in and out of the courtroom, and we offer expert legal representation in many areas of personal injury law such as auto accidents, big truck wrecks, medical malpractice, wrongful death, slip-and-fall injuries and nursing home negligence.
Every year, hundreds of people in Savannah are injured through no fault of their own. Serious injuries can leave victims with physical pain, emotional duress and medical bills too large to handle.

Auto Accidents

If you have been in an auto accident in Savannah, time is of the essence. Insurance companies will usually try to settle your claim very quickly, leaving you with unpaid bills for damages and medical expenses. Call a personal injury lawyer before you sign any documents!

Big Truck Wrecks

Big truck wrecks are very common in Savannah, due to the proximity of Savannah's port and all of the large trucks coming and going with large heavy loads. Danger is on every road. Call an experienced Savannah personal injury attorney if you have been involved in a big truck wreck. We can fight for your rights to make sure that you get all the money you deserve to help pay for damages as well as pain and suffering. Call a personal injury lawyer before you speak with any insurance company!

Medical Malpractice

Mistakes happen every day. Unfortunately, this means medical mistakes, too. Insurance companies represent doctors, nurses, hospital employees and patients. If you or someone you love has been the victim of medical malpractice, an experienced Savannah personal injury attorney can defend your rights and get the money you deserve for pain and suffering, as well as the money to pay for correcting the medical mistakes.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is the result of negligent behavior by medical personnel, most often doctors and nurses. Survivors of the deceased seek monetary compensation for the loss of emotional and financial support which had been provided by the deceased. If you are involved with a wrongful death case, you need a Savannah personal injury attorney with experience in wrongful death cases.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Actions taken immediately following a slip-and-fall accident will have long-lasting results. Insurance companies try to rush injured victims into settling insurance cases quickly so that they don't end up paying out as much money as expected.