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Criminal Defense

Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorneys in Savannah

criminal defense
If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime in Savannah or Chatham County, you need a law team who will provide you with the strongest legal defense and a criminal defense lawyer with a strong track record.
William G. Bell has been defending clients in Georgia since 1987 and has experience both at the state and federal level. He can help defend you. He knows that the Savannah prosecutors and police take criminal charges very seriously. William G. Bell has the tools and experience to face the prosecution without fear and get the best outcome for your case. He has achieved a high level of success by negotiating and planning as a trial lawyer. He knows that the prosecutors worry that if they lose in court, it looks bad for them as well as for the city of Savannah. Mr. Bell will build your case so that the prosecutor will doubt the state's ability to prove the case and that the judge will find the prosecution's case weak.
William Bell has been practicing criminal defense law since 1984, and part of the reason he's one of Savannah's top lawyers is because he has worked for the Chatham County District Attorney and he was the Chief Assistant District Attorney in the state court.
Safe to say that he knows how the other side, the prosecutors, think.
Skilled negotiating is one of many tools used by the best criminal defense lawyers in Savannah. Don't leave your case up to chance.
Donaldson & Bell knows the law! When it comes to cross-examinations, witnesses and weak findings, we use our knowledge to win cases!
With our experience and knowledge, you can count on the best possible outcome

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